Flight INformation

Shipping information for young puppies 

All puppies being shipped must be 8 weeks old prior to leaving, they will have a health certificate, and come in a crate that is yours to keep. They will also come with a sample of food. All puppies are groomed before they leave, but please understand they can have accidents. Puppies are only let out of the crate if we pay for a kenneling service to take care of the puppy when they change planes, and this only happens if they have an extended layover.

We have flown Saint Bernards to Alaska (we have several there), Canada, Brazil. Dubai, Costa Rica, Germany, and Venezuela. We have flown puppies to every state in the USA.  We are very experienced with shipping and know all of the rules. With that being said, I handle all shipping arrangements, please do not look up flights, because flights for animals are not the same as looking up human flights. Please do not ask me if I can bring your puppy to the airport because an 8 week old Saint Bernard puppy will never fit under an airplane seat with the crate. It just is not possible.

Is shipping safe? If it was not safe, we would not do it. Airlines have certain requirements that they must follow, I still have the ability to get a puppy flown out and hot/cool weather with climate controlled airlines. So please do not tell me I cannot fly out puppies in the summer because the airlines does not ship them. Yes, they do ship them, you just let me handle the flight arrangements, I know what I am doing. :)

We ship puppies out on Fridays. Direct flights are only offered to a few select airports, so most flights will typically have a layover. The puppies are watered and checked on.

Typically shipping puppies at 8-10 weeks of age runs $350 for the shipment in the USA.

Exporting puppies to other countries is very expensive.

Please note we DO NOT pay for shipping in the USA or to another country. The shipping is at the buyers expense.